Dazzle 9 - Jewellery ERP

The Dazzle 9-ERP software provides a comprehensive solution for managing your entire business – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. With DAZZLE 9- ERP, businesses can accelerate profitable growth by streamlining operations with timely and integrated information.

DAZZLE 9-ERP is an affordable, comprehensive solution that provides functionality for every core process you need to run your entire business. Supported by integrated management functions, including financials, sales, customers, procurement, inventory, production, warehousing, human resources, business intelligence and point of sales, DAZZLE 9-ERP enables businesses to streamline their processes in an efficient and integrated manner.

Developed by keeping in mind the key aspects of our customers' business needs - Usability, Security, Ease of integration; it is quick to deploy and easy to maintain & use.

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