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Be a part of the growing team at Srushti, where the sky may not always be blue and grass, not always green, but where the air is pregnant with a genuine desire to exceed client expectations in every task, no matter how insignificant

  • Are you comfortable with a nine to five job?
  • Does clearly marked organisational hierarchy make you focussed?
  • Do you need a sound proof office to concentrate better?
  • Do you like EVERYTHING perfectly organised for you ? ? ?

Dont bother sending your profile.

  • Can you make and stick to your own schedules? (however absurd they are!)
  • Would you like to work a 3-day-week? (provided all your commitments are met!)
  • Are you 25 years of age and below? (The average age around here...)
  • Would you like to work in an environment very similar to any Silicon Valley Start-up?

What are you waiting for?

Note: We assume you have minimum necessary skills and a great appetite to learn.

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