Started by a group of enthusiastic and talented young men, the team consists of programmers, designers, content writers, hardware and network engineers, Internet Consultants and customer relationship personnel.We have people with mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive skill sets required to offer optimum solutions to our clients.

At Srushti, we cultivate an environment of co-operation, support and respect, which allows for healthy discussion of differences, while focusing on common business goals. We strive to exemplify the principles of honesty, fairness and ethics in our relationship within ourselves and with our clients and business associates.

Sankar is an M.B.A, M.Ped. from Bharathiar University & a Diploma from NIS carries 20 years of experience in administrative skills. Having been credited for the success of many sportsmen in the international scene, this one time national athelete is a physical trainer by profession.

As a Director at Srushti, he has a good repertoire in managing teams & mentoring them to perform to their potential. His expertise lies in administration & documentation and his public relations & communication skills do wonders during business interactions.

Kumar is a Master in Information Technology from Griffith University, Australia and a Business Graduate, majoring in Finance.

Superior Business Acumen, complete hands-on management and an ability to network are second nature to Kumar. Spearheading Srushti's business efforts as it's Director, Kumar has a total experience of about eleven years in database integration, implementation & management & also developing quality solutions in internet software.

A Bachelor in Electronics from Bangalore University, Kiran has a varied experience of more than twelve years in the IT industry having been associated with a couple of start-ups early in his career is Director at Srushti.

His expertise lies in the areas of building sound e-business architectures, designing & developing Internet applications, web strategising, New Media design with a strong hold in User Interface Design / Animation / User Interactivity and Information Design.

Uttam is a PC Hardware & Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting graduate from Bangalore University by qualification but is an 'operations' man. His technical knowledge on server technologies ensures the client is provided with the right combination of resources. His strength is Client Servicing of the highest quality and he ensures total Customer Satisfaction.

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