Srushti has world-class offshore design and development infrastructure commensurate with the expectations of the global market. We currently have over 10 highly qualified and skilled professionals working on cutting edge technology. The development facility at Bangalore covers 2000 sq feet area. The office layout at the Bangalore center facilitates open communication and flat hierarchy. The development facility has reliable communication set up including high-speed dedicated links to the Internet and internal network with connection to the desktop.

Ergonomically designed development center with dedicated high-speed link to the Internet. Workstations - We are probably the only company of our size to operate with Legal-only versions of all softwares 128 Mbps internet connectivity 10/100 Mbps front-end cat 5 network. Centralized gateway server for virus protection. Power Back-up:Primary and secondary UPS back-up for Desktops and Servers. 24 hours stand-by generator set. Disaster Recovery:Backup of all projects.Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backups.Offsite storage of backup media.

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