BeDazzled - Business Intelligence for Jewellery Industry

BeDazzled Business Intelligence Services ensures an effective use and analysis of business data helping to simplify and use information in an organization that empower our customers for faster and easier decision making by providing key information in a timely and efficient manner. BeDazzled Business Intelligence Services can help leverage process, technologies, and tools needed to turn data into information, information into intelligence that drives profitable business action. Our business intelligence services and solutions are driven from an analytics perspective; this integrated approach ensures that the solution brings several key advantages to our customers.

BeDazzled Business Intelligence services cover the entire analytical information architecture which includes data acquisition, data warehousing and business analytic tools. With proven methodologies, deep expertise, and industry specialization, we can deliver actionable and measurable business results that inform decision-making, optimize IT efficiency, and improve business performance.

The Analytics driven BeDazzled services approach ensures that our customers benefit from:

  • Improved data quality to increase the confidence in information
  • Integrated data across the enterprise to provide a unified view of the organization
  • Better Information sharing using business intelligence analytical tools
  • A platform on which advanced business analytics can be performed

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