Dazzle 9 - Jewellery ERP

Why Dazzle 9

Days of running stand alone Software Packages are gone. Implementing Dazzle 9 has become a necessity, if you want to stay in competition. Check yourself for the following benefits:-

  • Inventory accuracy for Finished Goods, work-In-Progress and Raw Materials is high
  • Month end Financial closing which earlier required too much manual reconciliation between accounting system and Inventory system can now to done quickly
  • Good on-time Delivery Performance
  • Easy tracking of job status on shop floor
  • Lesser physical Inventory checking
  • Purchasing activity is fully linked with accounts payable
  • Access to real time status of key performance indicators
  • The material planning process automatically includes the Sales orders
  • Proper linkages of the customer Sales order with accounting
  • Detailed analysis reports of your Jobwork vendor Performance
  • Easy view of Product Cost
  • Easy tracking of Job wise wastages and thus minimizing them
  • User definable detailed QC system
  • Access to real time data even while on move
  • Easy consolidation of reports of multiple companies with multiple locations
  • e-mailing of reports to customers, suppliers
  • Business Intelligence (BI) tool helps to analyze the various party trends, item trends over a year, month wise

All the above leads to faster growth of your company with better profits. Our Clients have benefited and grown manifold after implementing our ERP Solution.

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